Good Deal on Napkins This Week

Just got back from my bi-weekly jog. I'm dog sitting a for a friend, so I try to get home as quickly as I can from my daily workouts. It's nice to have a friend over for Zimba, I don't feel as guilty leaving him home everyday. Then again, Zimba seems quite content to be by himself. He doesn't even get up from the couch sometimes when I open the front door.

I wanted to share a fantastic deal with everyone. Giant Eagle regularly has a "dollar savings" deal and this week's deal (starting Thursday) has Bounty napkins listed for a dollar pack. If you have your .50/1 coupon from the P&G Saver a few weeks ago, you should be able to snap up some FREE NAPKINS.

Who doesn't need free napkins?

BTW- Mangoes are also on sale 10/$10 (you don't have to buy ten). That's a pretty good deal for fresh produce IMO.




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