After the Rain

Last night we had a thunderstorm of epic proportions. I woke up around 4am to listen to the thunder and lightening outside. I felt like God was walking around the earth throwing together a bunch of trash can lids trying to get my attention. The thunderstorm was so loud that I ended up waking up the dog just to see if he was afraid of it to (the answer is no clearly).

A little over two weeks until school starts and I've got a lot of resting ahead of me. I'm doing to-do lists each day to keep on top of the things that need to get done before I start classes. I'm also trying to restrain myself from signing up for more classes than I can handle.

There's also the issue of finding a job next year. I have nights where I wake up and find myself nervous about whether I have a future at all in the legal field. Then I realize I need to just shake it off and try my hardest to control the aspects of the job search I actually can influence. I was in the same position last year, nervous about finding a job and wondering if anything will ever pan out for me. Well guess what? I got probably the best summer experience out of any second year student I know.

I should have let all my fears wash away with the rain last night... a better usage for them would have been fertilizer for the front yard.

Rain, Rain, Go Away,

P. Manolos

Two Dogs, One Tough Chic


My parents are out of town. They have my Great Aunt's old poodle who pretty much everyone is disgusted by. Mangled, fat, and old, she's no cute thing to look at. All she does is lurk in her crate all day. Zimba absolutely loves slamming her to the ground everytime she tries to escape the confines of her crate. So you can imagine what chaos bathroom time is each day.

Well, I usually have Zimba stay in his crate while I let her out to use the bathroom. So today, being the foolish person that I am, I let him out and then headed down stairs to let out the other dog. Little did I know Zimba would race out behind from me and run outside to terrify the already paranoid poodle.

I was pissed. Yelling and swearing I grabbed Zimba and told him to go to his room. Last thing I needed this morning was two dogs fighting it out to urinate.

Life almost feels like an insane Miniature Pinscher jumping all over your face until you beg for mercy. Not that it is all bad, but geez I haven't really had a true break this summer. I've gone from work full-time to school, and back to school again. It's not that I'm complaining..

Gone to the Dogs,

P. Manolos

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