Babies, diets, and other Thursday Thoughts


I wonder if Rebecca Black will make a remix based on my 2nd favorite day of the week. If not, you will have to just suffer and listen to my own little ditty about how much I love Thursday.

Thursday is sooo underated. Think about it, it's Friday Eve and it's the one day of the work week where things are just fast enough to keep you on your toes, but slow enough to keep the feelings of resentment that you're stuck in a dimly lit office building for 8 hours during a perfect spring day.

During a break at work, I found an interesting article on discussing the issue of children and whether women save more by staying at home or working. Moms: I Can't Afford to Work. The article in a nutshell says that the costs of child care have made it cost prohibitive for many women to work full-time outside of the home.

I found the article interesting not for the content, but for the random comments at the end of the article. It astounds me that the year is 2012, but many folks still labor under ideas we left behind in the Sixties. Isn't this the era of "have it your way" and $5.00 tailored lattes? We can choose to eat McDonalds at 2AM or drive across the street to Taco Bell.  We have so many choices on what to do with our time and our money, but women still can't decide to stay home/work outside the home without getting hatemail?

I personally plan to work throughout my child rearing years. I may decide to stay home for a few months, but once I am physically able to go back to work after child birth, I will do so. My career is a huge part of my identity. Regardless of my own beliefs, I'd fight tooth and nail in an argument in favor of a woman's (or man's for that matter) decision to stay at home with their children.

Speaking of childbirth, is it just more or is the entire female population of hollywood pregnant these days? Even more startling, how the hell do they look better than me after having baby #7 and I haven't had any children?

Craziness. Good thing I've been watching my eating habits like a hawk lately. I've lost 7 lbs thus far and hope to keep going. Too bad I plan to bake Red Velvet cupcakes tonight.

Thursday! Thursday!

P. Manolos

Weeds, Tulips and othe Signs of Spring

I can say without hesitation that there's no chore I hate more than pulling weeds. One of the downsides of all the beautiful weather we're having is the ridiculous amount of yardwork that has to be done. My house sits on a decent sized lot and the former owner must have loved to pitter around in the yard because there's a large flower bed in the front yard and a smaller one in the backyard. Today, my desire to avoid going to the gym outweighed my disdain for gardening. Don't get it twisted, I love planting something in the ground, it's the whole weeding, pruning, and cleaning part I can do without.

Nothing but dead leaves and weeds on the sides of the house. I've got a few plants that sprout up every year comin in to place, but until I get the energy (and interest) in picking them out, they'll just have to wait.

Mowing my lawn and pulling out the weeds from the "rock garden" was my #1 target on my to-do list outside. I can't tell you how annoying it is to pull  weeds from in between each and every one o those rocks.

Days like this make me wish for snow.

P. Manolos

Thought of the Day

I got bangs at the hairdresser yesterday. I came home and immeadiately clipped my bangs back to my head. I guess I had a senior moment yesterday when I didn't realize how much I hate haing hair in my face.


P. Manolos

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