Life on the B List

B as in busy..

I'm working, attending school, and participating in extra-ciricular activities full-time this summer. Not to mention I still have friends and family who like to see me every once in a while.  Sorry blog, haven't had much time to check in with you :-(.

I can't wait until the summer is over and things begin to settle down. I long for the days where I have a set school schedule, time to spend with the dog, and a chance to move back into my place near school. Living at home has its ups and downs, but the major drawback is the lack of space and privacy. I've spent so many years on my own it's hard to go back to living with my parents.

The only person (or animal rather) that seems to like the arrangement is Zimba. He enjoys sitting on my Mom's lap and chewing a dental bone.

Busy Bee,

P. Manolos

Never Say Never

Justin Bieber. Who knew I would end up with Bieber fever? Lol.

Work is stressful, school is overwhelming, and I'm barely keeping my head above water. Who knew a teenie bopper would hit such a nerve? 

I'm living for today, looking forward to tomorrow.

Whenever you knock me down, I will not stay on the ground,

P. Manolos

Just Another Day....

Summer is here and I can't say I'm excited about the "break". I'm still taking classes this summer and working full-time. There's no such thing as a break for me.

Living at home is difficult. I miss being able to come and go freely without having to deal with my parents.

It's pretty lonely down here.

P. Manolos

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